My White Wedding Day

August 11, 2012 by WPAdmin

I can’t even find the right words to describe my wedding day – it was perfect! Not everything went according to the Plan but I got married and we had an amazing time.

Perfect Wedding Day

The preparation stage was very VERY hectic, I had two photographers and a videographer running around me and recording everything I did that day – from my hair and make-up session to getting dressed and leaving the house. Everything!

Not sure about you, but I’m not used to having cameras pointed at me all the time so yes, I was pretty freaked out about it at first but then I relaxed and managed to enjoy the whole thing.

I think this is actually a very important point, you have to find a way how to stop worrying about those little bits and bobs that go wrong or in a completely different way and focus on the BIG FACT – you’re getting married to the person you love.

I did exactly that, I stopped thinking about what’s going on around me, how many people are watching my every step and focused on the man I chose to spend the rest of my live with.

Perfect Wedding Day

Yes, some things will go wrong – I was 40 minutes late for the church. Yes, I’m sorry to say that but I was. My poor H2B sweated it out, but he knew I was coming. In my defence, it wasn’t my fault. The photographers made me late. Their requests to take a picture of me putting my dress on, my shoes on, correcting my make-up, kissing my mum, etc… made us all late.

The hour or so in the church was absolutely amazing, I’m not Catholic myself but my husband is so we opted for a full on Catholic wedding. I love churches, the atmosphere during a mass is always brilliant. The music makes me cry though. I thought I was going to cry during the ceremony but instead, the adrenalin kept me high and I smiled a lot and enjoyed the whole thing. I know, I wasn’t expecting it.

With my nerves kicking in before anything that’s our of ordinary in my life -  either public speaking or a presentation, or getting married in fact – I felt sick in the morning so couldn’t eat anything at all. This was a mistake. Your wedding day is going to be a long one. We started at 10AM, with the arrival of hairdresser and photographers, and ended at 3AM the following day drinking champagne with my husband on the balcony of our hotel room. I was completely shattered at that stage!

Our photography session after the church ceremony and before the reception was an interesting one. There was a plan but… I haven’t seen the pictures yet so I don’t know if we managed to take one with everyone but I doubt it. There were just too many people and the photographer got really busy.

I wish I had hired a better wedding planner, she was good for sharing her contacts (we got married abroad – in Madeira, so we really needed those) but during the day she failed on many levels. I was late, we didn’t get to take photos with everyone, we didn’t get to do speeches or the compulsory rounds around the tables, and the list goes on… I’d be a much better planner.

But at the end of the day, it was the biggest day of our lives, everybody had fun, nothing major happened, my parents enjoyed the day too (even though they don’t speak Portuguese or English), people cried and laughed and we got married!Perfect Wedding Day

Just to sum up, here are my top tips for a perfect wedding day:

1. Stop worrying about the little things and focus on what really matters – you’re getting married

2. Don’t freak out about the huge attention you’ll be getting. It’s your day :)

3. Look after yourself and make sure you eat and drink plenty of water

4. Ask your maid of honour to keen her eyes on the time, you don’t want to be late

5. If you have a wedding planner, ask her to make sure we’re on schedule so you get to do everything

6. If something goes wrong, ignore it. Nothing is perfect

7. Pay attention to people but remember your one priority – your husband

8. Don’t be sad to see people leaving after the cake cutting, it’s normal

9. If your parents and family don’t understand the language, make sure you help them. It’s your responsibility that they have a brilliant day too

10. Find time to step back and take a moment to understand that this is your wedding day


Three months until my wedding today

April 28, 2012 by WPAdmin

Today, it’s three months until my wedding day on the 28th July. It’s both exciting and scary I suppose. There is still a lot to do and I haven’t reached my target weight – still one stone to go. Oh dear…

Yesterday, we had some lovely wine for dinner and also to celebrate the occasion – I hope that D. is taking me out for dinner today, he better be thinking of it.

Right, there are a million and one things to do, starting with buying dresses for my flower girls (including little baskets for rose petals and the rose petals), my dress haven’t arrived yet and I actually forgot how it looks like…this makes me very nervous – what if I don’t like it anymore?, we’ll have to soon decide on the cake (we already have a lovely topper though) and we have to talk about the venue decorations.

wedding to do listThere’s always something you should be doing, right? I just don’t want to forget anything. So, I’m going to put together a massive to-do list so that I won’t forget anything. But how should I break it down? Should I have three columns of what clothes, things and services we still have to sort or is it better to split it into church ceremony, photography sessions, dinner reception, dancing, night, morning? Please help…



There’s always something you should be doing, right? I just don’t want to forget anything. So, I’m going to put together a massive to-do list so that I won’t forget anything. But how sould I break it down? Should I have three columns of what clothes, things, services we still have to sort or is it better to split it into church ceremony, photography sessions, dinner reception, dancing, night, morning? Please help…

Easter, mum ad wedding plans

April 10, 2012 by WPAdmin

I know I know, it’s been a while. I should blog more often. Have news for you, my mum came over to spend Easter with us in London. We had a lovely time, did the usual complulsory walk from the river to Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, through the park to the Downing Street and then Big Ben, across the bridge, around the London Eye and then lunch somewhere there. It was a lovely day but I was so tired at the end of it.

One major thing that I achieved – I picked the colour for my bridesmaids – it’s going to be [drumroll please] watermelon. Yay! I originally planned to have blue, navy blue, but then with my mum’s help I picked much nicer, girly, and summery colour that my girls are going to love!

I’ve also been breaking my head with the dress style – strapless, v, straight, one shoulder…at least I know one thing, I want them to have a floor lenght dress made of shiffon. And now I know the colour.

Would you let your bridesmaid pick the dress they want? Or would you just get them one style and that’s it? Bear in mind that one briedsmaid is somehow larger than the other two… I want them all to feel comfortable. so I might just let them pick… What do you think?

New Year, less than 8 months to go

February 1, 2012 by WPAdmin

Happy new year to all! I have a feeling that 2012 is going to be a fabulous year, a year filled with big changes and by that I mean personal changes. It’s a year to dare to do something different, dare to be different, that’s how I feel it anyway.

Back to my wedding now, we have booked the venue back in the summer and we’ve aggreed to have three adult bridesmaids (my lovely cousins and my fiance’s cousin), two flower girls and a little ringboy. D’s sister’s son and my godson. Oh bless him, hes such a cutie but he doesn’t know how to walk yet….hmmm. Fingers crossed he’ll learn :)

I have been postponing wedding dress shopping because I think I still have time so this can wait for now. But what has changed is this – I’ve starte my wedding diet. I have to drop 2 stones before my wedding day so fingers crossed I’ll manage. I bought a year gym membership. I just really need some motivation. Maybe this one:

I really don’t want to be a fat bride.



Theme or no theme

December 25, 2011 by WPAdmin

Right, last night I was thinking, do I really want a theme? I’ve heard from my friends that they did a flower theme – each table had different flowers… my opinion, well… boring! I’ve heard from someone that their friends’ wedding theme was precious stones. Each table was themed around some stone – saphire table, aquamarine table, etc…. yeah, nice ide, but…


Oh well, maybe I am just little too picky. I’m just not that much into it.


Wedding venue

October 25, 2011 by WPAdmin

Since I can back from Madeira things have changed a lot. I’ve started looking for the dress, thinking about my colour scheme, themes, music, cars, accomodation, etc. There’s just a lot to think about.

We have booked a hotel for our wedding, it’s going to be the Quintado Albatroz. Isn’t it pretty?

Hotel Albatroz, Madeira

One more picture from the inside:

Hotel Albatroz, Madeira.

I just have to think about the theme for my wedding now… not sure at all..

Going on holiday yay yay

July 29, 2011 by WPAdmin

I have just a few minutes to say that I’m going on holiday to Madeira. We always go there because it’s D’s home island. Yes, he’s Portuguese and no I don’t speak Portuguese.

We’ve booked the tickets months and months earlier. They are always very expensive so that we have to think about this in advance. Luckily, because we always stay with D’s parents we don’t have to pay for accomodation and we pay for food only when we go out to get something special.

So, to keep this short. I have lots of stuff to fit into a tiny little suitcase…well it’s actually quite a big one but in comparison to the mountain of clothes that I want to take with me it looks strangely small.

Anyways, I’ll have a lot to do as we want to get marriend in Madeira next year. It’s going to be a bus one! Wish me luck!

Last night engagement party

July 24, 2011 by WPAdmin

What a night! We decided to throw a little engagement party at our place. I am not one of those people who want to show off or spend hell-lot-more-than-neccessary on a function. So we invited 16 of closest friends, cooked home make dinner and cracked open lots of bottles of wine and beer.

I feel so blessed I have such amazing friends. I don;t see them every day (or ever week) but when I see them we always have lots of fun.

I prepared two different starters. Green shell mussels from New Zealand with tomatoe sauce and melted cheese and home made bruscetta bread topped with pesto, tomato and melted cheese. I am not the biggest fan of seafood. I love prawns but give me anything that still has a shell attached to it and I won’t eat it. I don’t mind preparing it so D. is happy, but don’t make me eat it!

My friend’s wife is even worse, she only eats chicken…she doesn’t eat any other meet or fish. Poor her. When she said that I wondered whether that was a joke or whether she was serious, I’m glad I figured she was telling the true because I was going to laught out loud. I mean, who only eats chicken? Well, she does anyway…

For the main, I made chicken drumsticks (lots of them) marinated in three different spices and cooked in bags. I love cooking in bags. The meat is always very juicy and this proved to be true once again. The boys were enjoying it. Then I made some port – belly ribs marinated in garlick and BBQ souce. Oh man, this was so yummy. Received lots of compliments on the food.

As side dishes I made some carrot rice, green salad, olive and feta cheese salad and we also had some sliced baguete on the table.

I had so much fun with the girls, talking about lots of interesting subjects. Boys were just in the garden, most of them smoke (D. doesn’t) so it was easier I guess. I don’t think they talked about wedding at all…I overheard a few words and yeah, it was nothing to do with wedding.

When they left, D and I cuddled up on the sofa for a bit. D. was a bit hit by the wine so he started falling asleep so we just went up bed. Isn’t it funny that the men always think how great they are and that they can handle a lot of booze but in reality they get wasted way too fast?

Getting used to wearing a ring

July 15, 2011 by WPAdmin

It’s a pain when you’re not used to something but people make you wear it or do it. In my case, I don’t normally wear rings but since I got engaged I started wearing my lovely ring every day. When I say every day I mean as often as possible because I tend to forget to put it on in the mornings. D. is not that much bothered, thank God but still, I’m just so not used to it that I feel a little gilty when I forget.

It’s not that the ring is ugly or I don’t like it…it’s beautiful! It sometimes shocks me how well D. knows me. Really….for a man he has a great eye for details.

Last night we celebrated one week since engagement and it was fabulous. We went our for a post meal in a noble restaurant and the food was yummy. I ordered a lobster with prawns and D. has some seafood linguene. We also had starters – deep fried squid (my favourite starter if done well) and D. went for scalops. He sais that since I made them for him on Valentines day, he can’t get them out of his head. When he finished his portion, he actually said that mine were much tastier – oh, bless him.

After our meal, D.asked for a digestive and I asked for a Mojito – my favourite. But was very disapointed. There was no rum in it…or at least it felt that way and it was way too expencive for what it was.

Oh well, life’s not perfect. We had a lovely evening.

I’m Engaged!!

July 10, 2011 by WPAdmin

Yup you read the heading right! I’m engaged!! Woop woop! On our 5th anniversary, D. surprised me with the best gift ever! He cooked me a lovely meal, gave me a coudle on the sofa and then went I came back from the kitchen, he just went down on one knee and proposed. I was so surprised I couldn’t even talk at first, … but of course I said ‘yes’.